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Aquatic Dreams has the largest selection of coral & supplies in Utah! We have 11 coral display tanks and 5 massive frag tanks. If you are looking for SPS, LPS, Softies or NFS colonies we are the shop for you. We believe in growing as many species of coral in our own facility as possible. Aquaculturing our own coral benefits the reefs all over the world. That’s why eighty percent of what we sell from our shop has been aquacultured. We have hundreds of frags that are of the highest quality!

Beautiful Corals & Frags
We offer the largest selection of aquacultured corals and supplies in Utah, including LPS, SPS, & soft corals.
Exotic Saltwater Fish
Shop our large selection of saltwater fish including Tangs, Angelfish, Wrasses, Clownfish, Butterflyfish & More.
nano tanks
Retail Store in Clearfield, UT
We carry a wide selection of tanks and premium brand products to meet all of your saltwater aquarium needs.
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Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance Services in Utah

Offering Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly Maintenance.

Aquariums require regular maintenance in order to stay healthy. Aquatic Dreams saltwater specialists offer saltwater tank maintenance services to businesses and homes throughout Utah. Our saltwater specialists can come to your home or office to assess your tank size, check the fish stock, and existing filtration system to recommend the best maintenance schedule for your setup. Sign up for one of our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance schedules depending on the needs of your tank. Allow us to take the hassle out of reef keeping so that you can simply enjoy your aquarium.

Saltwater fish tank maintenance services are available from Salt Lake City, Utah to Southeast Idaho.


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A Word from Our Customers

We've been helping customers for over 15-years!

I visited Aquatic Dreams with my husband not really knowing what to expect. As soon as we walked in, we were captivated by one of several large display tanks in the front room. It was one of the most impressive tanks I have seen at a local fish store. We continued through the many tanks to the back of the store where they had a large selection of fish for sale. Again we were impressed. The staff was really helpful and kind which contributed to us having an awesome experience. We will definetly be back!
Brandon Marshall
5-Star Google Review
Cool place, a lot of really neat fish. I don't know anything about this stuff, but was buying a gift for a family member. The staff was really helpful.
Brenda Forgacs
5-Star Google Review
Great people that really know their stuff! The owner is an awesome dude
Skyller Fisher
5-Star Google Review

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Tips to Care for Your Fish & Corals

Visit Saltwater Aquarist for reef keeping tips, education, and livestock care sheets.