Saltwater aquarium tank-sitting services in Utah.

There comes a time when hobbyists or business owners need someone to look after their saltwater aquarium while away on vacation, business, or emergency. If you aren’t lucky enough to know a qualified individual to tank sit for you, hire a professional tank-sitting service in Utah.

Looking for a Reliable Tank-Sitting Service in Utah

If you are in need of tank-sitting services in Utah, Aquatic Dreams can manage the daily tasks of your tank care. With the professional knowledge to care for your tank, our team can handle any potential problems. You’ll enjoy peace of mind while away with a professional tank-sitter.

Customized Tank Care

Each tank setup is unique, requiring a customized treatment plan based on the needs of the livestock. For example, some fish may only need to be fed a few times a week while others may require daily care. Our team of saltwater professionals will evaluate your system and provide a recommended vacation coverage care plan. However, the service provided is ultimately up to you.

Common Tank Sitting Services

Feeding: By following the feeding regimen that you specify, your saltwater fish will receive the same level of care as you would provide.

Tank Maintenance: If you will be gone for an extended period of time, our team can provide the routine maintenance of your tank. This includes cleaning the filters, protein skimmers, glass, and providing adequate water changes.

System checks: Performing routine system checks is one of the most important tank sitting service we provide. Especially if you have corals in your tank, you’ll need to have stable water parameters. Other items include checking your water flow and temperature to maintain the overall health of your tank.

Saltwater & Coral Health Checks: With the trained eye of a professional tank sitting service, our team will is able to catch and treat and problems quickly. This will avoid any big problems and potential tank crashes while you are away.

Updates: We can provide updates while you are away to offer peace of mind. Even if you will be unable to receive any updates, you can rely on our staff to care for your system.

Schedule a Tank-Sitting Service in Utah

Aquatic Dreams saltwater fish store in Clearfield, Utah offers maintenance and tank sitting services. Our team is reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable to care for your tank while you are away. Call today for an estimate at (801) 525-0033.

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